Career Construction Coaching

Gain Clarity, Control, Direction, & Purpose

Career Construction Coaching

Gain Clarity, Control, Direction, & Purpose

Who We Are

Create Your Why provides career coaching, guidance, and training services to help individuals find meaning and mattering in work and life. Founder and CEO, Dr. Kevin Glavin, is a Licensed Professional Counselor,  who has spent the past 20 years studying and practicing career coaching. Kevin has worked with numerous companies, universities and government institutions, including Saudi Aramco, NASA, Singapore Ministry of Manpower, Japanese Institute of Career Development, Australian Catholic University, and the University of Colorado Boulder. He has served as president of the Ohio Career Development Association and as Editor for the Journal of Employment Counseling. Currently, Kevin works as a career coach and consultant, and teaches Career Counseling online as an adjunct professor for Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

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Identify your strengths, interests, passion, motivation, story, and purpose

Many career practitioners do the same thing in using traditional career theories & interventions to solve traditional career concerns. They measure VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality, & Strengths), then set goals and create action plans. They often miss the one thing that ties everything together, making clients unique and memorable, and that is the client’s story. Your story is empowering and impactful. As Maya Angelou said, “People forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.”, and stories make people feel. What’s your story?

What We Do

Our goal at Create Your Why is to help you construct, narrate, and voice your own story. We look at career and life as a story and believe individuals need to actively construct their own stories so that they can create a life worth living. If you don’t create your own story, someone else will likely create a story for you. This is problematic because you may end up with a story that does not honor or match your needs, values, interests, beliefs, passion etc… You have the power to change and construct your story such that it honors and best fits who you are and who you want to become. We are here to support and accompany you on this journey.

How We Do It

We use narrative psychology and storytelling techniques to help individuals, explore, define, and implement their career related needs, values, interests, and aspirations. We have extensive training and experience using qualitative assessments such as Digital Storytelling and the Career Construction Interview to help individuals explore who they are, where they have been, and where they are going. Schedule a free 20 minute call with us to learn more about you.

In today’s world of work it is important that you are able to articulate your skills and story to others. You need to create your own brand, one that is unique that you can use to sell your unique talents and services to potential employers, customers, and clients. Remember, your brand is your story.

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